A Legacy of Art and Craftsmanship: GessoBarn’s Story”

GessoBarn’s story is one of enduring legacy, built upon a foundation of art and craftsmanship that has spanned over two decades. Established in 2002, our journey has been a dedicated exploration of the boundless possibilities of creativity and the unwavering pursuit of artistic excellence.

Our headquarters, located in the bustling city of Xiamen, China, serve as the nurturing cradle of our artistic endeavors. GessoBarn has risen as a beacon of artistry, where tradition melds seamlessly with contemporary craftsmanship, giving birth to a diverse collection of canvas wall art that has found its way into homes and offices across the world.

Our legacy is etched into the very essence of our canvas wall art creations. With each brushstroke and every carefully chosen color palette, we have paid homage to the art of old while pushing the boundaries of modern aesthetics. Our art is not merely decorative; it’s a medium for storytelling, a vessel for emotion, and a symbol of enduring beauty.

The heart of GessoBarn beats with the rhythm of creativity and the pulse of innovation. Join us in celebrating this legacy, which continues to shape the world of art and craftsmanship. As we look back upon two decades of excellence, we invite you to explore our story, discover our creations, and become a part of our ongoing journey, where art and craftsmanship remain forever intertwined.


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