The 5 Smartest Craps Bets You Can Make (And the 5 Dumbest)

Craps, often described as the most exhilarating casino game, combines strategy, luck, and superstition into an exhilarating dice game that relies on strategy for success and superstition for fun. But not all bets should be treated equally; experienced players understand there are smarter decisions out there with better odds or reduced house edges than others; on the flipside, there are bets which merely constitute throwing money away; here we explore the five smartest craps bets you should consider making and five you should avoid in full detail!

Smart Bets for Success:

Pass Line Bet:

The Pass Line bet is at the core of craps strategy for good reason–it boasts one of the lowest house edges across any casino. When placing this bet, you are betting with the shooter in hopes they either roll a 7 or 11 on their come-out roll or establish a point before rolling a 7. With just a 1.41% house edge this bet can benefit novice and veteran players alike mega888.

Don’t Pass Line Bet: A Don’t Pass Line bet can be thought of as the opposite of Pass Line bet in that it involves betting against the shooter – you win when he or she rolls either two or three numbers on his come-out roll, with any 12 being considered a tie; once established a point must then wait at least seven more rolls before hitting again for victory if possible; with its low house edge of only 1.36% this bet provides another great option for dice enthusiasts!

Come Bet:

A Come bet, which operates similarly to the Pass Line bet but after a point has been established, can also increase your odds of victory significantly as its house edge remains at just 1.41%. As it provides another means of betting with lower house edges than Pass Line bets can improve chances of success and maximize winning odds.

Don’t Come Bet:

Similar to its name implies, the Don’t Come bet offers another wise gambling choice with its house edge of just 1.36% – offering maximum returns against 7 or 11 and giving an edge of victory when placing after a point has been established. Placed after a point has been set and placed after come bet has been placed; winning on 2 or 3 but losing on 7 or 11.

Odds Bet: While not technically its bet, an Odds bet should always be included when placing any of the smart bets (Pass Line, Don’t Pass Line, Come or Don’t Come). This bet allows players to take true odds (no house advantage); making it essential for experienced craps players who seek fair bets at casino venues.

Bet on Dumbest Bets:

Any 7: Betting on 7 may appear alluring given its frequency on two dice, yet its house edge of 16.67% makes this bet one of the worst bets to make in craps – although its payout could seem attractive, the odds against you could prove overwhelming.

Any Craps:

This bet wins when either 2, 3, or 12 appears on the next roll, however, its house edge averages 11.11% making it a risky proposition for players seeking to maximize winnings.


Betting on hard way doubles being rolled before 7 or any combination of 4, 6, 8, or 10 can be tempting but should be avoided as these bets carry house edges of between 9.09%-11.11% for optimal bankroll management.

Big 6 and Big 8 Bets:

These bets win when either a 6 or an 8 are rolled before 7. While their payout may seem attractive, their house edge of 9.09% makes these bets unfavorable options for experienced craps players.

Field Bet:

A Field bet pays out when 2, 3, 4, 9 10, 11 12 are rolled on the next roll, although its house edge varies widely by casino payout rules; typically around 5.56-5.56% or greater in most instances. With other more beneficial options available to you it would be wiser to avoid this bet altogether.

Making smart bets in craps can mean the difference between victory and failure. By adhering to these smart strategies and avoiding riskier wagers, you can increase your odds of success while making the most of your time at the table – remember, while luck plays its part, knowledge, and strategy are your allies when playing this exciting game.


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